The 2014 banquet was held at Fratellos Restaurant in Manchester.  While the previous several years were very good, RonandRonlast year was the by far the best venue, Tablesettingthe best food and definitely the best prizes.    We had almost 100 people attend including Tom Ives, NH TU Council Chair, George Embley, Basil Woods TU president and Ben Nugent, NH Fish and Game biologist.

The auction items were numerous, including a women’s basket, gift basket from Hannaford’s, the Merry’s Italian dinner basket, a fish painting and many other items of interest for the angler and non- angler.Settingupbucketraffles  We raised the most the Chapter has ever done at a banquet.  Dad from Sugar Hill Maple Syrup Farm who donated the Maple Syrup” Again this was in part due to the great items,JimBarbLiam but I think also due to the new ticketing system we implemented this year.  Instead of rolls of tickets, the attendees purchased blocks of tickets all with the same numbers.  This made raffles easier to manage and they went faster.

We have reserved Fratellos again this year and the save the date for you is April 11, 2015. This has to be one of the most enjoyable ways to support your local Trout Unlimited Chapter. Please plan early to attend and consider reserving a table for a guaranteed excellent evening with family and friends.