Trout Unlimited is a national organization dedicated to protecting and improving cold water fishing resources. Our local chapter is a key building block and our local members volunteer their time, money and energy to improving cold-water fishing resources in New Hampshire. Almost all members love fly fishing, and related activities, such as fly tying.

Merrimack River Valley Chapter TU April General Meeting will be held April 10, 2018 –
This will be a two part meeting.


Tube Fly Tying Demonstrating
From 6:00 to 7:00 PM

Burr Tupper will be demonstrating how to tie tube flies prior to the meeting in April.

Tube flies have long been stable flies for many salmon anglers all over the world, and these practical flies have also been adopted by salt water anglers in need of large flies. But tubes can be useful to almost any angler apart from those using the smallest of flies, but even now many of those tying tube flies are finding tubing materials that will enable them to tie small nymph patterns.

There are several good reasons to tie and use tube flies:

•    You separate fly and hook. Trash the fly and keep the hook or vice versa

•    You can avoid the fly becoming a lever in the mouth of the fish

•    You can tie large but still light flies

•    You can tie some very heavy and compact flies

•    You can construct some very special flies

•    Tubes are inexpensive and come in a variety of types

The second part of our meeting will start around
7:15 pm to 8:30 pm Rick Little will present 


“Fly Fishing in Maine is Wicked Fun”

The West Branch of the Penobscot, Rapid River, Roach River and East Outlet (headwaters of the Kennebec River) are all waters that Rick discusses in this program highlighting some of the wonderful rivers that Maine has to offer.  Rick has spent hundreds of days and un-counted hours fishing these waters and will talk about the rivers, his style of fishing, and the flies and techniques that have been successful.  The program is filled with photos of these great rivers and the flies that he uses.  For those people who have fished these waters, the program will spark many great memories.  For those who have not fished these rivers yet, but want to give them a try, this program will provide information that will give them a head start when they venture out onto the water.

Join Rick for a discussion about some beautiful country and fascinating fishing opportunities.

Shadcreek Flies Programs and Presentations
By Rick Little

Rick Little is a self taught fly fisherman who has had the opportunity to learn from some very knowledgeable outdoorsmen and fishermen.  Much of what he has learned came from observing nature and skillful fishermen on the water, and conversations about fish, flies, fishing and life, around Coleman lanterns and campfires on many rivers.  Rick has been active in conservation organizations for years – including serving as president of Trout Unlimited Chapters in Manchester, NH and Bangor, ME.

Rick grew up in Marblehead, Mass. and spent a great deal of time on the ocean- drop line fishing for flounder and cod, setting lobster traps and exploring the coastal beaches.  When he went to college at the University of Maine, he became hooked on freshwater fishing and fly fishing.  It was during the winter of 1968 that he took a fly tying class and embarked on a life long hobby that has sparked his imagination and desire to learn more about flies, and trout and salmon rivers.  Rick lives in southern New Hampshire, with his wife, Ellen, and started Shadcreek Flies as a way to share his interest in fishing with a wider audience.

While the majority of Rick’s fishing has been in New England, he has also fished in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Up State New York and out West.  His programs focus on a practical approach to fishing, an appreciation for the entire fishing experience and the beautiful environments in which trout and salmon live.

Shadcreek Flies – Rick Little
Email: shadcreekflies @gmail.com
www.Shadcreekflies.com ; 603-329-5552

Other Presentations from Shadcreek Flies include:

“Bugs and Smelt- Favorite Flies and Streamside Musings” – “Adventure Trip to the Big Hole River and Southwestern Montana” – “Saltwater Fly Fishing – Lessons Learned” – “Adventure Trip to Big Sky Country – Montana’s Bighorn and Missouri Rivers” and more…..









Meetings are held at Sweeney Post of the American Legion 251 Maple Street, Manchester, NH.

Guests and potential members are always welcome. The regular meeting starts at 7:00 pm, doors open at 6:30 pm and usually lasts until around 9:00 pm




Merrimack River Valley Chapter is a affiliate supporter of the New Hampshire Wildlife Federation

NH Wildlife Federation – Preserve, Protect, & Conserve Wildlife Habitat and Resources





2017 Youth Camp

Youth Trout Camp is conducted by the NH Trout Unlimited State Council and its chapters throughout the state.  The five day camp teaches appreciation through the art and science of fly fishing.  The Youth Camp is for ages 14-17 years of age.

The 2017 Kids Trout Camp application kidscampbrochure2017ver2






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